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Cindy Maddera

I tend to be one of those people that finishes projects (with the exception of socks), so I'm not really surprised that I actually finished my 365 day project on Flickr. I took on a second year of 365 day in hopes that I would be more creative and learn a little bit more about my camera and what not. I learned nothing. No, just kidding. I did learn a bit about lighting and ISO settings and I did have a few creative shots. But you know what? It's exhausting. Being creative. Every. Single. Day. I think at one point Chris told me that he was going to have me a T-shirt made that read "I have not taken my picture today" because he'd heard me say it so many times. There were too many days where I felt uninspired, fat, ugly, or just pure lazy. Then there were the days where I had great ideas but the weather refused to cooperate. But in between all those other days, where some pretty good ones.

The first year of the 365 day project taught me to look at myself a bit differently. The second year has taught me to look at the things around me a bit differently. Some of my best images where the ones taken outside amidst the buildings and graffiti of the city. It's taught me to look for the unexpected in the expected. These lessons have been the most valuable.