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Cindy Maddera

If I were a bit more cleaver, I'd have four stories and a Thankful Friday. But I feel lucky to just have the two. First story: OK, this is more of a visual thing, but work with me here. Chris and I were in the car stuck in traffic yesterday on the way to the studio. I started telling him about this office we pass on our inside walking route every day. There's a sign posted outside that reads "Interpretive Services" and every time we pass it Robin says "We need to write "dance" in there". Chris says that this great and that you could have an interpretive dance for most all office activities, like filing. So I did a little interpretive dance of filing. Then he said "answering the phone" and I did the interpretive dance for answering the phone. Then Chris says "sending a fax" and I came up with the most awesome interpretive dance for faxing which reminded Chris of a ninja sending a fax. This made us laugh so hard that Chris snorted (something I've heard him do maybe one other time). And then we laughed some more.

Second Story: Last night I took Hooper outside for his nightly front yard rituals. The guy across the street opens his garage door and then he lets two dogs out to run around in his front yard. I didn't even know he had dogs. Hooper goes on alert and I start to lead him back to the door because I can see this heading into Bad News Bears territory like that (snap). The two (bigger then Hooper) dogs suddenly come bounding across the street into our yard and instant calamity ensues. Meanwhile, the dog's owner is just standing in his driveway doing NOTHING. I'm trying to drag Hooper into the house while keeping him from biting the other dogs when I look down and see that one of the dogs has the back of Hooper neck clutched in his jaw and is starting to shake his head like he's playing with a chew toy. I boxed that dog in the nose just as their owner comes over. Yeah, I hit someone's dog and I'm not sorry for it. I look at the man and say "will you please get your dogs?". He mumbles sorry and I scoot Hooper inside. We're both shaky and I'm mad (as you know what), but Hooper is fine. Actually, I think I was more traumatized.

And the Thankful part: I'm thankful this long crazy tiring week is over. I am thankful that I will get a chance to see my niece before she leaves out for her Dad's tomorrow. I am so, so thankful for the much needed alone time I get with Steph tomorrow. I am thankful that I finally got one of these anitbodies to work for an IHC stain this week and I know you have no idea what that means, but I don't care. I'm thankful anyway. Hope everyone has such a wonderful weekend and Thankful Friday.

Wait! Third Story: John says something about me wearing leggings. I tell him he's lucky I'm wearing pants. The end.