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Cindy Maddera

Remember how I was going on about how fast the year was moving by? seems that December has brought things to a screeching halt. This of course has it's good and bad sides. The good being that things have slowed down, the bad being that the slow down has just allowed us to pile more work onto our plates so that we don't have time to enjoy the slow down. So today I am truly thankful that it is Friday and that we have no obligations this weekend. There's an Indie Craft Bizarre I want to go to tomorrow and the Farmer's Market and the usual grocery shopping/laundry chores. But that's it. Which is good because we have got to finish up the Christmas cards and get them in the mail. I think they're better then last year's guys, which means we're screwed for next year. Oh well...we have a whole year to think of something. And I feel that this entry has gotten carried away and has turned into a "what I've had for dinner" entry.

OK, so I am thankful for the strength to just be able to get out of bed today. I am thankful for the light work load that I have for today. I am even thankful for the departmental Christmas party that I have to attend this afternoon. Have a wonderful day and a grand weekend.