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Cindy Maddera

Right about now, people are making their New Year's resolutions. They're preparing for the big party to ring in the New Year and giving the boot to 2010. And I know this has been a very trying year for some of my friends, but really? I hate to say goodbye to 2010. I don't think Chris and I have had this good of year since....ever. No, that's not true. But it was a pretty dang good year, despite the loss of Chris's scooter. I'll take Chris being alive to tell the tale over the scooter any day. I've put together a slide show of some of my favorite pictures and things we did over the year and, wowza!, we've been busy. The slide show is a little long and I could have just put in the whole month of August and made the thing into a feature length film. I'm not ready to let go of 2010 just yet and it's my Love Thursday entry today because I have just loved this year. Look at all those smiles, all that love. It's too much for one year to hold, so I'm going to let some of it spill into 2011.

Happy Love Thursday!