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Cindy Maddera

352/365 My heart, my words Some times you get a fortune in your fortune cookie at just the right time, when you need it. I got this fortune on Monday when my lab went out for Christmas lunch. The funny thing was that one of the other post-docs also got that fortune. He promptly started making fun of it. I quietly tucked mine away and said nothing about it.

I've always been good at saying the first thing to enter my brain. It took some time, but I finally learned that it isn't always a good idea to voice those thoughts out loud. I was told once that about 90% of your thoughts are not your own. They filter in from the people around you, the things you listen to and the stuff you watch. You don't own those thoughts until you actually speak them.

It's easy to speak your mind, but so much harder to speak your heart. I think I'll make it a goal for next year to speak more through my heart than from my head.

Happy Love Thursday!