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Cindy Maddera

christmas1 It's on the Life List to buy and refurbish an old camper. I put it on the list because it's not only something I want to do, but it's also something Chris really wants to do. We are constantly on the look out for an old beat up camper and planning what we'd do with it and where we would go.

Part of the fun is the hunt for the camper. It's like our own version of I Spy. Every time one of us points one out in some junk lot or backyard, we get all excited. Then we debate about it. Is it too big? Could we pull the camper with the car? What if we got a small SUV to match? What color would we paint it? What so you think it looks like on the inside?

The camper is a dreaming tool. When we're tired of planning the rebuild, we move on to all the places we would go. I guess you could say that little camper is our version of Paradise Falls. And part of the adventure is the dream of getting there.

Happy Love Thursday!