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Cindy Maddera

Sleepy Dogs are the best examples of how to do nothing. At least my dog is any way. Hooper doesn't rest well when we stay at my parents. There's just too much going on what with the possibility of catching Mom's cat or running off after a rabbit. Too much. So when we get home, he spends the next day recovering. Sunday, Chris and I watched Hooper sleep, get up and stretch, move to a new spot, sleep some more, rinse and repeat. All day of rest.

I don't usually rest well when we stay at my parents either. I don't care too much about catching Mom's cat or chasing after rabbits, but we do stay pretty busy. Then there's the long drive home and the unpacking and all the things that need to be taken care of before work rolls around on Monday. Usually when we get home, I hit the ground running even though I'm just so tired. This time though, I took a lesson from the dog. Chris and I were able to watch Hooper's sleep antics only because we really didn't move much from the couch. It was nice.

We think that we teach them, but really? I think I've learned more from my dog than he'll ever learn from me. He is the ultimate Zen Master.

Happy Love Thursday!