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Cindy Maddera

I have been having the most bizarre dreams over the last few nights and I really think it has something to do with the amount of beans I've eaten in the last few days. See Chris? I told you beans were the magical fruit. Last night I dreamed about Vegetarian Zombies. Yeah, you heard me. I said Vegetarian Zombies. They were really small too, like gnome sized. And they would crawl out at night, doing their whole zombie walk thing, dragging one leg and moaning and destroy your vegetable garden. I know! It's terrifying! They would rip the veggies straight out of the ground and just bite into them. Then they would do that whole zombie chewing thing with their mouths open and moaning. Zombies really have horrid table manners. Chewed up bits would tumble out of their mouths and onto their shirts. They would just wreck havoc on your garden. Worst then slugs. Occasionally a rogue zombie would show up, one who had tasted meat (human or animal), and he'd try to convince the others that they were really missing out. But the vegetarian zombies would just shuffle/run him out of the garden. Awe...vegetarian zombies. I think I love them.

We're having beans again tonight for dinner.