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Cindy Maddera

Lincoln Motel The busy season is upon us. Chris will be swamped at work until after the New Year. I will just be swamped with work until...forever. So we decided that this was the week to take a little time for ourselves. We are using this time to clean up, clean out, and re-organize, but it hasn't been all work and no play around here.

Sunday night Chris and I stayed in the Lincoln Motel on Route 66 which was no Hilton, but was clean and quaint and we had a lovely time. We've eaten at new places like the New Kaiser's American Bistro (great vegg selection) and Beatnix Cafe (not so new, but new to us). And last night? We dined at Ludivine. There are no words. Ludivine was fabulous.

Chef's Special For the Vegetarian

OK, so we didn't run off for a week in Paris or frolic on white sand beaches in Mexico. But we did the kinds of things that we would normally do on vacations. We tried new places. We rested. We relaxed. And we're still relishing every last moment.

Happy Love Thursday!