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Last night I dreamed that Oprah stole one of my blog entries to use on her blog as one of her own. Actually, it wasn't really Oprah, but one of the people in charge of her blog. They plagiarized me right down to my Deviled Sham recipe (which is odd because I haven't actually written down a recipe for that, it's more of a made up thing). I was so mad and let Mrs. Oprah know exactly what I thought of the whole thing. She had know idea that her employee had done this. She told me that she doesn't even read her blog and that she was very disappointed that one of her employees would stoop to that level. I told her that I didn't care as long as they just gave me credit for the article. And I woke up. Do I have a fear of being plagiarized or having my words stolen? Nah. Maybe on some level, I worry about not getting credit, but this is just in general and not just related to my blogging. 'Cause, really? What do I need to get credit for exactly? I think we all have a need to be validated for our deeds. But would we all together stop doing the things that we do if no one ever said "thank you" or "good job"? I can think of one area of my life where it never seems to matter and that's when I'm teaching yoga. I can start a class in the worst mood, but by the time the end rolls around, every thing is better. I feel better. It's an added bonus at the end of class to have students tell my just how much they enjoyed the class. This is what I think about when I start thinking about dropping one my classes.

So what does the dream mean? Am I going to stop blogging because I have five readers and I have nothing much to say any way? It means I once again ate too many beans for dinner. It means that I know that I've done a good job and that I can give myself credit for the things that I do.

Take that Dr. Phil.