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Cindy Maddera

Well, would you look at that. Take away a list and turns out that I have nothing much to blog about. I swear, I was just staring at that last sentence for 20 minutes trying to think up something else to say. Actually, I do have question for the internet world and there's a story that leads into that question. Sunday, Chris and I stopped into Forward Foods to pick up a Thanksgiving Froast except they were fresh out. OUT. OF. FROAST! And I thought I was the only one who ate those things. I asked the guy behind the counter if they might be getting some extra ones in any time before Thursday which leads to him calling the Norman store and this is when I notice that the man's pants are unzipped. Like all the way unzipped and I can tell you that he was wearing whitish boxers. I quickly looked away from his crotch (I shouldn't have been looking there in the first place even though it was practically at eye level, I mean the guy is tall and elevated behind the and continued on with the conversation as if nothing was amiss. I felt kind of bad for the guy though. Here he was walking around with his fly undone and his underwear showing. I whispered something to Chris about asking if maybe we should tell him and Chris was all "Nah". But then as we left I started to feel guilty (not too guilty, 'cause that guy never delivered on my Froast). It reminded of the time I sat behind this older lady in class and she had gigantic spider trapped in her beehive hairdo and I did nothing (mostly because I was immobilized by my fear of spiders). I should have done something. I have guilt issues.

Anyway, people, what would you do in this situation? Keep quiet and ignore the elephant in the room? Speak up and tell the guy his barn door is open? Is there a tactful way of telling a complete stranger their fly is down with out embarrassing both of you? Am I being punished for not telling him that his pants were unzipped and that's why I'm not getting a Froast?

This entry brought to you by cold medicine.