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Cindy Maddera

First on my thankful list for this week is my pal Talaura. Today is her birthday and I'm thankful that she survived another year to celebrate. I am also thankful that she was able to so quickly find a new apartment, which she will begin moving into today. It's like she got a new apartment for her birthday. Any way, we all love Talaura and we all wish her nothing but rainbows and unicorns on any given day, but double that for today. It feels like I was just writing an entry for Thankful Friday. This week has been a blink and there were some days that left me feeling like I had survived multiple disasters. My normal routine has been a bit sketchy and my meditation practice has been more of a "trying not to fall asleep" practice. This morning's practice started out as more of the same with my thoughts ricocheting around from this to that to the negative energy I'm surrounded by eight hours every day. Then suddenly I remembered the dream I had last night where I rented a kayak and paddled off into the sunset. It felt like this wave hit me and I thought "Holy Crap! I can totally do this". And I'm thankful that I received that moment when I felt I needed most.

I am thankful for the whirlwind of the season that kicks off with this weekend's Ghoul's Gone Wild Parade and Misti's annual Whores and Smores Party. It's Zoom zoom from here on out. Some times I think about it all and get tired, but then I get excited because we just have so much fun. I am thankful for this.