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Cindy Maddera

It's been really hard lately to not just be thankful that it's Friday. The weather changed topped off with the sun setting earlier and earlier has made my body start to crave sleep. I feel like I have bribed myself out of bed every morning this week with promises of naps when I get home and sleeping in on Saturday. If I can just make it to Friday has become the new mantra. But it has never been the intention of Friday's post to praise the upcoming weekend. While I am thankful for the promise of some extra sleep, I am even more thankful for the simple act of getting out of bed everyday. I am thankful for the walks I take every day with my friends at work. I am thankful for the hot rice cereal I eat for breakfast every morning and the strawberries and bananas that I top it with. I am thankful for those moments when I don't have to worry about making dinner when I get home form a long day. I am thankful for the people in my life who, through a simple act, can help me make it through a day. I am thankful for my sense of humor.

The routine is very important to me, but it's easy to get stuck in the loop of work, teach, eat, sleep. It's easy to forget to pay attention to the things that happen in between all of that. And that is the true intention of Friday's entries. Have a wonderful weekend and a very thankful Friday.