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Cindy Maddera

I've always been an early bird. I usually have no problem being up and ready at 7 AM. I know; it's disgusting. But I'm usually crashing around 9 in the evening, so late night things are a bit of a struggle. But there's something about the mornings that are so fresh and hopeful. It's a new day, a chance to do it better than the last. I've been hearing a lot about change, growing older and thoughts on identity. Someone in the 365 day pool had taken a birthday picture ho-humming growing older. I say that any year you survive, is a year worth celebrating. Change happens. We all grow older. We are who we are. I will always be the Early Bird and Chris will always be the Night Owl. And we are FABULOUS! Each and every one.

Moon in the Morning

Enjoy the new day and Happy Love Thursday.