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Cindy Maddera

One of Chris's favorite meals is chicken pot pie. We used to make it with canned chicken, a can of veg-all, a can of cream of something soup and store bought pie crust. Well, we don't eat that way any more so the recipe had to be revised. Even after a bit of revision, I was still using bought pie crust and cream of mushroom soup. The bought pie crust is just silly. If there's one thing I know how to make, it's pie crust. Crust is my super power. Since moving in with Chris's mom, I haven't been all to keen on the idea of baking. I don't have enough counter space (even in the "new" kitchen, I say "new" because it's the exact same, just with new cabinets). My rolling pin is in storage so I have to end up using the giant pestle that goes to his mom's mortar set. These are lame excuses to say that I'm lazy. So on Sunday, I decided to make us a proper pot pie. I chopped up some veggies.


I made pie crust.

Pie crust

I mixed up an organic packet of mushroom sauce to coat all the veggies.


Put the top crust on and baked for about 45 min.

Veggie Pot Pie

And it was delicious.


The end.