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Cindy Maddera

Well, another week and I'm still fighting this cold/sinus infection. I feel better, but sound horrible. That usually means things are getting better. Even though it took me forever to get anything done last week, I still managed to keep up with my happy list.

    The Roku box on a sick day Getting a free vacuum cleaner Crossing off a Life List Feeding the birds Trying a new restaurant, one with a special vegetarian section on the menu Hanging out with friends at Coffee Slinger's Generous friends (apparently my donation page is good until December) Cleaning up my desk at home. Eating bell peppers from the garden Getting the laundry done (did no think this would happen this weekend) Oatmeal at the Red Cup Finally getting the new stickers put on the scooter Riding the scooter after being sick for a week

I think I'm good. Enjoy the week.