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Cindy Maddera

Wow, I have a lot to be thankful for this week. First I have to say thank you to LG and The Mouthy Housewives for my new vacuum cleaner. I particularly need to apologize to the woman working the sign-in table at the Mouthy Housewives' party. When she told me that everyone at the party would be getting the LG vacuum, I told her to "shut up". And then I argued with her for ten minutes in a "nuh-uh/uh-hu" sort of way. I left that party really wanting to believe that we were getting those vacuums. As the glow of BlogHer began to wear off, I began to loose hope about the vacuum, but then it showed up! I'm going to open it up this weekend, take a picture, vacuum around the house, and then pack it away into storage for when we move. I am also thankful for all of those who have donated to the OKC AIDS walk. With online donations plus money from the yoga can, you have helped raise $135 for the walk. That's $35 more then I raised last year. People? You Rock! There's still time to donate for those who wish, so don't fret. You have until Sunday.

I am thankful that I'm finally starting to get over this sinus infection and that the weather is going to be nice this weekend. There may be a Life List mark off this weekend. We'll see. Enjoy!