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Cindy Maddera

The Jens Our friends often point to Chris and I as the model couple. While I find this flattering, I also tend to roll my eyes a bit when people go on about how perfect our relationship is. Don't get me wrong. Chris and I are perfectly matched. We just don't see it as a big deal and I think that there are other couples out there that are an even better example of a good relationship than Chris and I like The Jens.

I think we forget that the Jens' are an actual couple. They're not just two girls living in the same house. They are a couple. And they are often the couple I look up to. Their relationship is not easy. Besides the usual relationship battles, they have to put up with the prejudices of the outside world. They have to live in a society that does not accept them as a couple.

Saturday was supposed to be Jen's first art show and we've all been scheming and planning for the event. I love watching Jen and Turayis work together to make this happen for Jen. They are a team. I'm so proud of Jen, but I'm even more proud to have these two as my friends. I also know that despite the cancellation of Jen's show, they will find a way to do another one some where else.

Happy Love Thursday!