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Cindy Maddera

I heart Elephant There's no question that I love elephants. Over the years, most of my elephants have been gifts. The one above was given to me by Talaura while I was in New York. We'd spent the day walking all over New York. We had gone into this neat little shop and she found that elephant and bought while I wasn't looking. I don't just love him because he's an elephant.

I hooked him to a zipper on my backpack, where he rode around with me for two weeks. Then I noticed he was gone. I was so upset. I looked every where and finally had decided he had come off while I was riding the scooter. Yesterday, I was digging around in my backpack looking for some cold medicine I knew I had put in there (I had not put the cold medicine in my backpack) I rummaged around into a pocket I never put things in and there was my elephant. He had come loose from his cord and fallen into my backpack.

I know he's just a little elephant, but when I look at him I see that day in New York and hear us laughing on the subway. Happy Love Thursday!