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Everytime someone asks me if I had a good time on my trip, a huge grin spreads across my face and I reply "I had the best time". Whenever someone asks me what I did in New York, I'm at a complete loss for words. I haven't even managed to get a rundown of BlogHer up here. All I can manage to come up with is "I had a great time". And I did. Have a great time. (Cue cricket chirps now). Seriously, I don't know what the problem is. I finally got all of my pictures uploaded, and I thought that would be helpful, but still I've got nothing. Today though, today I make an effort. First of all, lets talk about the conference. I'm not going to give a day-by-day rundown of all that I did. Kizz has done an excellent job of this. I will say that I sat in on some really great panel discussions, the first of which was about finding your passion and finding a way to do what you love. This was a great session for me to start with because it's where I decided that I did need to make some changes to the blog. It was the session that got me all fired up and ready to go.

From there, I went to a panel discussion about sex and blogging about sex. This was great fun and enlightening (don't worry mom, I'm not turning this blog into a sex-talk blog) and they had an awesome swag bag for those of us in the audience.

The next day of the conference, I went to a session about dealing with loss and grief on the internet. All of the people on the panel are amazing and brave and I completely respect them, but this session solidified my decision that there were things that I just won't blog about. I am perfectly okay with this.

The last session I went to was on how to make my pictures ten times better. I gleaned lots of useful knowledge from this one, particularly that I need Photoshop (or Lightroom, which is what Chris is pushing for) on my computer.

I think what I got most out of the conference was the wonderful people I met. Ananda was one of the first people I met and she was so nice and helpful. We talked about the joys and trials of teaching yoga. Boni was one of those people I met at the beginning of the conference who was always a reassuring face in the crowd throughout the conference. She also gave me some great resume advice. I met soooo many people I can't even begin to keep them all straight.

There was Zahra who just made me laugh and Stephanie who I'm totally going to connect with when we start planning our trip to Kansas City, Missouri. Everyone was so encouraging and wonderful. During one of the lunches a woman at my table said something about the fact that there didn't seem to be any "mean" girls present. I think it's because those of us that are into the whole blogging thing were probably once the victims of those "mean" girls.

And I think the only way I'm ever going to get any of this typed up for the blog is if I keep BlogHer separate from all the sightseeing stuff. Also, I still don't even know what to say about all the sightseeing stuff.