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Cindy Maddera

I really need this list. Yesterday was not a good day and it's really stressful working in such a toxic environment. But I'm working on it.

  • The weather cooling down just enough to make it comfortable to walk outside
  • Meeting Chris at Big Truck Tacos on a Friday after work
  • Riding the scooter down Walker between 23rd and 13th
  • Chatting with the older farmer gentleman who we buy our eggs from at the Farmer's Market
  • Chris finally getting his bacon
  • Watching Top Gear ( I have a secret crush for James May)
  • Buying seeds to plant for the Fall
  • Naps
  • Finding a new Asian Food Market (they have fake meat in the shape of chicken!)
  • Sunday morning with coffee and bagel, a newspaper and Chris
  • Making pickles (tasted them yesterday; they're awful :)
  • Dreaming of giving my two weeks notice
  • Robin after a particularly bad lab meeting
  • My yoga students!