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Cindy Maddera

I did not forget. I'm getting to the list slowly today. I suddenly got very busy. In fact, I'm eating my spaghetti lunch while typing this. Imagine the mess.

  • Yoga students who missed me while I was away
  • Having a fairly easy and straight forward work week.
  • Zooming as fast as I can on the scooter in order to create my own breeze
  • Seeing the woman who owns the studio I teach at. I hardly ever get a chance to see her.
  • Going to yoga class and then hanging out with the other students at brunch afterward
  • Getting my CV touched up enough to send it to my new pal Boni for review
  • Getting good H&E results
  • Urban hikes to great graffiti areas
  • Hanging out at Coffeeslinger's with Chris and working on web page stuff
  • Bloody Mary's from Cheever's (pickled okra ya'll)
  • Brunch with Misti and all the talk of future and possibilities
  • The Urban farmer guys parked outside Cheever's
  • Cleaning up the veggie garden and getting ready for Fall
  • Making plans for spinach, carrots, and potatoes
  • Making Asian Spring Rolls for my lunches this week

So happy. Have a beautiful day.