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Cindy Maddera

It's good to be back in a routine. There's so much I could put on this list, but I decided to just leave it with last week stuff.

  • Getting to know some one I already liked a lot even better
  • Surprising Misti with a framed copy of her Bagel Boyfriend
  • Dancing naked with the bathroom door open to a Flaming Lips tune
  • The sweet cantaloupes from our garden
  • Putting my veggie sandwich in my new sandwich container from Hillshire Farms
  • The lovely sweet comments left by my readers
  • Clean sheets
  • Spending time with Amy
  • Making this list while I should be paying attention in lab meeting
  • Pizza dough with fresh basil
  • Having Chris home
  • Wine, laughter, and food shared in Misti's backyard
  • Being excited about something

Enjoy your day!