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Cindy Maddera

Oh Man. Last week was not too pleasant (work wise). But this week? This week is coming up Milhouse. I have some good things on the list from last week. Just be prepared that next week may be a whopper.

  • When Hooper decides he wants to be a lap dog
  • My hair. It's awesome!
  • The fake meat balls we had in the spaghetti
  • Hearing all about Robin's vacation
  • Meeting Randy and Katrina for dinner
  • Cruising through the city with my brother and sister-in-law on their motorcycle and me on the scooter
  • Ethiopian food
  • Buying travel sized stuff
  • Trying out a new taco place where Chris and I turn out to be the minority
  • The Flea Market for so many reasons
  • The vegetarian sandwich at the Asian Food Market
  • My boss gone for ten whole days!
  • Two days until I'm in New York City!
  • Cucumber salad with Greek yogurt blended with garlic and dill
  • The finger nail polish I bought for my toes (NYC, Soho)
  • My new goggles
  • My new elephant measuring cups (they're so cute!)
  • This day

Hope every one is having a great Tuesday!