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Cindy Maddera

You know that moment when you lay down in your bed, pull the covers up, lay your head on the pillow just right and surrender your body to the cushioned support of your mattress? That was exactly what I was thankful for last night. Yesterday seemed more physically demanding than usual. The ride home from the studio way over on the north side of town dragged on forever. There was even a moment while putting the scooter into the garage where I thought for a minute that it was going to fall over on top of me. My scooter is HEAVY. If it falls over, I can't pick it up. I had flashes of me being pinned under the scooter with my legs all shriveled up like the Wicked Witch of The East. Somehow I mustered enough strength to right the scooter and get the support stand down. Today, I am thankful for the kind of strength that gives you just enough of a shove to get you through. Whatever that may be. Lately, it seems many of us are living for the weekend. I am completely guilty of this. Then I decided to be perfectly okay with it. There are moments in the week that I love. I love teaching my classes. I love my daily walks with Robin and Heather. I love that brief twenty minutes in the evening where I can get Hooper to lay on my lap. But the weekend? The weekend is always something to look forward to. It's the reason I find that extra bit of strength to get me through.

Seize every moment of every day, but particularly savor every moment of your weekend. Have a great Thankful Friday.