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Cindy Maddera

My pal Robin gave me a bag of jars so that I could tackle Life List #44 over the weekend. I may not have vegetables from my very own garden, but the local Farmer's Market has plenty. The plan for the weekend is to make spaghetti sauce, maybe just some stewed tomatoes, and depending on the cucumber situation...some pickles.  There have been many times since I started the Life List where I've gotten a little down. I feel like I could be accomplishing more or I'm not trying hard enough to get some things I want to do done. Today, I am thankful for all the friends in my life who have pushed and nudged and helped me get some things done on the list. Looking back over some pictures, I got to the water balloon fight set. I wanted to go back to Anna's right then and do it all over again. I'm so thankful that she was such a good sport and let me bust all of those balloons in their yard. I'm thankful for Talaura who jump started the 100 new Museums part of the list. I am thankful for Misti, who is going to keep my hair under control while I grow it out for #42 and who also told me to start taking Biotin (though I think it's working more on my nose hair and eyelashes). I am thankful for every single one of you that wrote to me and said "I will help with #...".

I have a lot to be thankful for. Have a wonderful weekend!