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Cindy Maddera


One time, while driving along the highway, I noticed a spot tucked in along some brush that looked kind of interesting. Saturday, I dragged Chris out to where I thought that place would be. We parked off of the main road, kind of under a highway overpass. It seemed a little seedy at first; like we were up to something illegal. But as we hiked down the sandy path littered with cables and tires, we began to notice little things like the ant lion dens in the sand.

Then we came to the train tracks and hidden overpasses that were covered in graffiti. It was like an explosion of colors splattered all over in this normally dry, dead area. It looked like a practice ground for graffiti artists. And then Chris and I noticed something else. The whole area was relatively clean. There wasn't empty cans or soda bottles laying around, no dirty needles poking up out of the dirt, no garbage. The artists took care of their studio.

I found the place to be beautiful and I love that Chris and I could find it together. Happy Love Thursday!