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Cindy Maddera

These are the tomatoes that I keep getting from the garden. They Look great from the top, but turn them over and blech. Every single one so far. Any one know what's this all about? The good news is that I have more flowers on the tomato plants. Technically I could still get something tasty from them. In other news, we have peppers. Lots and lots of peppers. And they are finally turning red!

We also have cucumbers, or had cucumbers. We had two and I picked them and ate them. They were gooood.

The baby cantaloupe is still chugging away. We have eatable chard and the bean look like they may fruit again. We're into the dog days of summer. I'm hoping the heat will turn somethings around. But I have to admit that I'm already about the next round. What am I going to plant in the Fall?