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Cindy Maddera

I didn't get to bed until some where around two this morning, so this post may be a bit crazy and random. But I thought I needed to get something down. I suppose that it can be summed up in this way: BlogHer was AWESOME! I met so many new people and you should see the stack of cards I acquired. Everyone was so nice. I met and visited with some of my most favorite bloggers. I learned some things and I was inspired. I mean really inspired. I suddenly realized that I want people to follow this blog, and I want it to be more than it is at this moment.

There are changes coming to the blog. Chris has been trying to get me to making some of the aesthetic changes for some time now. Well, I think I'm finally ready for that. There will also be some content changes. I'm not getting rid of anything that I'm already doing, just adding some things. Most of these things won't happen over night, but the seeds of change have been planted.

Now, I'm off to start editing and uploading the over 300 pictures I've taken. Maybe I need a second cup of coffee for that.