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Cindy Maddera

The weekends are become more and more like precious gem stones to me. This year is flying by. I notice it when ever I upload a photo for the 365 day project. I want to just say "Whoa Nelly!". So much happy last week and weekend, that I'm sure I didn't get it all written down on the list.

  • The guys in the lab bringing me back lunch even though I had (angrily) told them not too
  • Teaching
  • The baby cantaloupe in the garden
  • Watching Hooper try to get the squirrel
  • Chris fixing the tail light on the car
  • Getting a HUGE list of things to do during lab meeting and finishing it all by the end of the week
  • My BlogHer badge arriving in the mail
  • Skinny dipping
  • Using a really good knife to slice veggies
  • Seeing old friends I haven't seen in years
  • The laughing. Good God. The laughing
  • Pistachio salad
  • Getting all the groceries bought at one place
  • Chrome coming '10!
  • The business cards Chris and I made for BlogHer
  • Floating
  • Smores made with cherries and almonds and dark chocolate

Holding on to it all with white knuckles.