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Cindy Maddera

Last week was a pretty good week, if you subtract the eight hours a day spent at work. Actually, I think it's best to just separate myself from all of that. Be a zombie during the working day and save up my energy for the things in my life that really make me happy. I think this new strategy can work.

  • Getting rid of (by rid, I mean completely pay off) one huge debt/bill
  • making Grand Plans
  • Leaving the keys on the roof of the car, driving almost out of the neighborhood before realizing keys were on roof, stopping car and finding that the keys are still there.
  • One month until Blogher!
  • Picking fresh Christmas beans from the garden
  • Completing the list of tasks given to me for the week and still having time on Friday to prepare my presentation for lab meeting
  • Making an appointment for a chiropractic visit followed by and hour and half massage
  • Visiting Amy in Duncan
  • The Duncan Goodwill
  • The new blouse and skirt I bought for Blogher that cost me a whole $2
  • Thai language class ( I really should write up a proper entry about this soon)
  • Life Planning with Chris
  • The new sparkly pink lipstick I bought. It doesn't come off.
  • Making beads from magazine paper and a bracelet. (unfortunately, the bracelet didn't survive the trip home from Duncan; paper beads all over the car)
  • The chickpea spread I made for my sandwiches this week
  • Eating the Christmas beans from the garden. They turn purple when you cook them and taste like woodsy butter-beans.
  • Working in my garden

Actually...I feel like this week is going to be better. I have things I'm looking forward to each day as apposed to things I'm dreading each day. Have a wonderful Tuesday!