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Cindy Maddera

Is it Tuesday already? What is happening to the time? Any hoo. Even though I only managed to write down three things on the list this week, there were many things that made me happy last week.

  • Chris's mom digging out all of our books set aside for donation to fill up her bookshelf and then referring to them as her books.
  • Relatively peaceful work week
  • Slicing parafin blocks
  • My morning walks
  • Impromptu visit in Tulsa with the folks
  • Mom's new patio
  • The Pie Hole for pizza!
  • The retro antic shop we visited (even if they were a bit over priced)
  • Whole Foods!
  • The grocery store near Mom and Dad's. They have a shocking amount of organics.
  • Listening to all the fireworks being exploded in the neighborhood
  • Taking mom to see Toy Story Three
  • Getting caught up on True Blood
  • Misti time!

It was a really good week. Let's keep it up people!