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Cindy Maddera

Thankful. I am so thankful. For many, many, many things. My mantra this morning was "I am thankful for this moment". Every day seems to be full of rush and routine. I get up, shower, every other morning teach a yoga class. Go to work and rush around trying to get things done so that I can leave on time to go teach another yoga class. Get home, make dinner, feed the dog, post a picture, and go to bed. Every day is the same. And though there are some aspects of the routine that I hate, there are moments in the day that bring me pure joy. I have to remember to stop and be grateful for those small simple moments because are the things that get me through each day. Last night, I found myself riding behind a young couple on an old scooter. I watched them zipping along, she was clinging to his back with one hand while her head bobbed around this way and that taking photos with a small camera. We ended up stopped at a stop light together and when he noticed me in his side mirror, she turned around, said "Hi!" and snapped my picture. There are so many times in my life during the day when I wish I could just snap a photo and capture that one moment, to be the girl on the back of the scooter for a change. But I am the girl on the scooter and until I get some sort of contraption to hold the camera on the scooter so that I can take pictures of the things I see as I drive by, I must be grateful just to be able to see, to be able to have that moment.

Of course I am also thankful that its Friday and that Chris and I have planned to break in to friends house for the weekend and lounge by/in their pool, use their fabulous outdoor grill and fireplace, and feel free to run around naked. Have a great day!