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Cindy Maddera

As always, I'm thankful for the usual things in my life (Chris, Hooper, family, friends, roof over my  head, etc). In fact I listed these in my head this morning as my mantra during meditation. But this week I am thankful for the random things. Yesterday, as I scootered out to the north side to teach my class, I was witness to a number of odd (?) things. First, I saw a guy on a bicycle, which doesn't seem all that strange. Except the bicycle had a small front tire with a long axial (?) bar leading to the handle bars. Almost a reverse of one of these. Plus the guy was wearing a Fedora. I must find a way to safely carry and use a camera while riding the scooter. Then, after two narrow escapes - that area around Penn and Northwest Expressway is crazy!-, I heard what sounded like a lawn mower, but looked like a bicycle. It was a guy on a moped! And boy was that thing loud. I am thankful that I have the vision (not just physically) to see the things around me and to be actively present. Those two cars that tried to move over into my lane and run me down yesterday both contained drivers with cell phones attached to their ears. They had no idea they had just about killed someone. The girl in front of us at Chipotle placed her order while she was in conversation with someone on her cell. She could barely even express what she wanted . "Just give me a bowl" she said. Actually, if I had been working there, I would have just handed her an empty bowl. I am thankful that I don't feel the need to be so unconnected from world outside of technology. That even when I am alone, I can be alone.

Last, but not least, I am thankful for Misti introducing me to her friend Kizz. Kizz is going to be my partner in crime at the Blogher conference. She thinks she's going to hide to behind me, but really it's the other way around. Yesterday we were emailing plans back and forth and I got so excited/nervous/giddy/crazy my body almost separated from its skin and I did something really rash and hilarious. I noticed that Chookoolonks (be sure to wish her a happy birthday today!) was online through my mail chat and I opened a chat with her to ask her about business cards 'cause I was spazzing out. She was very nice and cool (of course she was, she's CHOOKOOLONKS). I am thankful I had the courage/whatever to approach her and I'm thankful she was so nice about it.  Though I am thankful for the world around me, I realize that balance is everything. So I am thankful for the online community of friends and people that I have accumulated.

Hope every one has a great weekend and a very Thankful Friday!