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Cindy Maddera

I really hate to do this, but OH MY GOD I AM SO THANKFUL IT IS FRIDAY! Really, short weeks shouldn't be this hard or this long or this challenging. So, yeah, for once I'm playing the "Thankful it's Friday" card. I am thankful that I've been able to wrap up all the tasks that were given to me at the beginning of the week. I am thankful that I have time to today to compile all of that work into a comprehensible presentation for Monday's lab meeting. I am thankful for the time we will spend visiting our friend Amy this weekend. Actually, I'm just thankful for all of my friends. You guys are awesome. Let's see...what else can I add? This morning I pulled a handful of beans from the garden along with some bell peppers. We have enough beans to top a salad. Ooh! What if we had taco salad with those beans? What if? I think I've reached the point of rambling. So I'll end with that.

Wait! I am thankful for the piece of bubble wrap John just gave me. POP!