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Cindy Maddera

What to be thankful for this Friday? Well, we are about to celebrate the 234th year of Americas declaration of independence. And despite, our constant grumbles about this that and the other, I am proud and thankful to be an American and the many opportunities this has brought me. I am thankful that Chris and I will be able to celebrate the 4th of July in our usual way by camping out at our favorite secluded campground. Since we won't be around this weekend, I thought I'd also tag on the Garden Diary to this post. The garden is something I am thankful for. It is supplying us with many bell peppers and lots of lettuce. This morning I went out to spray for bugs and clip some things back ( did I mention we have a lot of lettuce?). It was a very pleasant morning of pruning and spraying and noticing what's new in the garden. I have a teeny tiny cucumber and some very green chillies and tomatoes. And I was thankful this time. I was thankful for that simple moment of calm.

I am hoping that everyone can find there moment of simple calm today. Have a wonderful Holiday and a Thankful Friday.