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Cindy Maddera

I love both of these women. I know I've featured Misti in a Love Thursday already, but I do love her. Really though, today is dedicated to Talaura. She's going to say "Awe Shucks" and that all the following is undeserving, but she can suck it.

Talaura was not my favorite person when we were all in school together. I always felt out of place around her and had the feeling that she was just barely tolerating my presence. Now I don't care if she's just tolerating me because she is a person that I just want to be around, to hang with there.

But seriously. She is one of the bravest, strongest, most resilient person I know. She's kind; kind enough to even let me stay with her next week while I attend BlogHer and show me around her city. I can not wait to see New York through her eyes. I am so proud of her and proud to know her. I know she gets discouraged and frustrated (who doesn't), but she always picks herself up and moves on with so much grace, you would never have known that she had ever stumbled.

Thank you Talaura for letting me stay with you, but more importantly for being my friend. And making me laugh. Happy Love Thursday!