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Cindy Maddera

OK. So I know I've done an entry or two about how much I love my scooter. Some may be a little tired of hearing about it, but too bad. You're going to hear it any way.

The weather here lately has not been good for riding the scooter. Tropical depression after tropical depression has settled in over our state and they don't just drop a drizzly kind of rain. They've dumped buckets of rain and caused flash floods all across the city. I didn't ride at all last week. And you know what? Last week SUCKED!

Riding home this evening, I was reminded of just how happy the scooter makes me. My mood began to lift the moment I buckled on my helmet. I couldn't help but grin as I rode down the street and laugh out loud as I hit my favorite bump on 4th. People waved as they passed and I waved back. It was so ideal and perfect. It was almost like being on parade.

Simple. Pure. Joy. Happy Love Thursday!