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Cindy Maddera

Last year, Chris and I finally made it to the Gay Pride Parade (something I had been trying to get us to for years) and then we wondered why none of our gay friends were there to enjoy the show with us.

This year we made The Jens drive up for it. We had the perfect shady tree, some water, chairs and blanket and The Jens. I took way too many pictures, but who cares. We had a great time.

There's no big explanation needed to link a Love Thursday post to the Gay Pride Parade. I love The Jens and they are my family. It's that simple. I'm proud to know them and I'm proud of them. I also had several yoga students in the parade who would holler out to me as they passed. It was a place to be loved and supported.

You can see all the pictures of the parade here. Happy Love Thursday!