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Cindy Maddera

The dog days of summer have officially arrived. I've begun to feel a little grouchy and depressed lately with a side if malaise. After looking through old entries, I realized that this seems to happen every year around this time. Is it the heat? Is it the fact that it seems like everyone is on vacation except for me? I have a list of things I want to do, but no gumption to get up and do them. And I'm tired. Wah wah wah. This is when the happy list becomes really important.

  • Planning my trip to New York
  • Chris's sense of humor
  • Seeing new faces in my yoga classes
  • Easy work days
  • Chris's mom eating and liking my spaghetti
  • Chris's mom for no reason making us fried rice for dinner (she didn't even eat, she had already eaten)
  • Taking dad to the Pawnee Bill Wild West Show (I think he had a good time)
  • Watching an entire season of WEEDS in two days
  • My new sunglasses
  • Tomatoes! Green ones!
  • Lucas' little gun holster and cowboy guns
  • Getting sunscreen I am not allergic to
  • Hot summer
  • Catching bits of the air show as we drive around our side of town
  • The junk I ate for "dinner" at the Wild West Show (so not a pro-veg area)
  • Making up for the crap I ate the night before with a smoothie from 105degrees
  • Making plans to meet up with my sister for lunch
  • Picking a red hot chili pepper from the garden
  • Beans!

Ah...that feels better.