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Cindy Maddera

I went to grab my list today and realized that I had written nothing down for last week. The stress of the work day toppled with the new illness (all better now!) just zapped me. So today I am making up the list as I go.

  • John's fern (named Fern) has bloomed in the lab
  • Cia Bella's Blood Orange Sorbet + Orange San Pellegrino + vodka = new favorite summer drink
  • The expectation of taking Dad to the Pawnee Bill Wild West Show this weekend
  • Having the whole family decide to come along to the Wild West Show too
  • Ice cream for dinner
  • Canker soars healed
  • Clean sheets
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Bean plants as tall as me
  • Looking in farmer magazines and reading about chickens
  • A boss free week
  • Watching them install the wind turbines on the new building

I'm sure there's so much more. I promise! I'll do better for next week. Enjoy the day!