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Cindy Maddera

All I can say is, even though I have times of ennui, life is good.

  • Leaving work really angry about something, but teaching a really good yoga class and feeling that anger just float away.
  • Now that LOST is off the air, I can watch Glee
  • Chris's really garlicky spaghetti
  • That bread we bought from Sprouts
  • Cutting fresh spinach, basil and parsley for our quiche
  • Being forced to slow down at work because I'm training someone
  • Taking the risk to ride the scooter and ending up in the rain
  • Taking the risk to ride the scooter and ending up just missing the rain
  • Two short weeks in a row
  • Laying on the couch eating cherries and watching Julie and Julia
  • Attending Cati's dance recital
  • Flat Tire's veggie burger
  • Cartoon Sunday
  • Having so much spinach, I can give some away
  • Pad Thai made special for me
  • Roaming the isles Super Cao
  • The giant earth worm I rescued from the street (screaming the entire time)
  • Flowers on my bean plants
  • COOP Mondays!
  • Buying my ticket for New York City!
  • The blogs I read and the people who write them

Hope every one has a fantastic week.