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Cindy Maddera

Oh Man! What a Week?!

  • Easy work weeks
  • Road trips with Chris
  • Getting Dad's advice on places to eat on the road (he gets so excited)
  • Stuffing myself silly on fried oysters
  • Open air road side fruit stands in the middle of an orchard, selling home made ice cream
  • The classic alternative radio we listened to all the time
  • Visiting with an old friend
  • Meeting new people
  • Greg's really bad idea (turned out to be a pretty darn good one)
  • Crawfish boils
  • Water balloon fights
  • Water/mud slides
  • Trashcan Margaritas
  • Four day weekends!
  • New healthy grocery stores that are cheep
  • The new dress I bought on sale at REI
  • Lunch and a movie with my friend Jen
  • Chris
  • Coming home to a clean dog

That list could get so out of hand this week.