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Cindy Maddera

This shopping cart is the first toy I ever remember playing with. I remember lugging this full of babies up and down the two steps that lead down into the family room. After I had grown out of it, J came along and then he lugged it up and down the steps. After J, came Amanda, and then J's boys J.R. and Thomas.

When my best friend had her first child, I dragged the cart out of the attic and gave it to her little girl Cati. Now Cati's little brother is pushing the cart around their living room. It's the toy that just never grew old.

Cati asked me why I wanted to take a picture of the shopping cart. I told her I wanted it for a blog entry (she's six, but she nodded like she understood). I told her that the cart used to be mine and that I played with it as a little girl. I told her that when her momma had her, I brought it down for her to play with. She looked at the cart and then she looked at me. And then she leaned in and gave me a big hug.

I love that I could share this with her. Happy Love Thursday.