It seems like weeks since I've updated everyone on the state of the garden. Things are coming along great out there. In fact, every time I come back in with some declaration of growth, Chris says "Can you believe we have a garden?!?". And I always reply "NO WAY!".

A couple of weeks ago we had a pineapple and in a stroke of genius (or mad scientist), I ran outside and planted the top in the garden. I have done this before, but I never got the chance to see how turned out because we moved. I know I'm a bit delusional if I think we're going to get a pineapple. But WHAT IF WE GET A PINEAPPLE!

In other garden news, the Christmas beans have blooms. I am giddy. These beans have been my highlight of the garden. They just keep getting bigger and bigger and they're just like the beans in Jack and The Bean Stalk. I can't wait to eat beans!

But in the meantime, we have lettuce and spinach out the wahzoo. So this week we're eating a lot of spinach and I'm making some spring rolls with the lettuce for lunches. BLT's are also in our future (well..TLTs for me, tempeh lettuce and tomato).