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Cindy Maddera

Usually I reserve the weekends for my garden, but what's there to say right now? It's growing and things look good. Oh, I also planted the top of my pineapple just to see what happens. But the real story of the weekend was our trip to Texas.

There's so much to say about our trip from the crawfish to the water balloon fight, but I think I'll save the balloon fight for another day. The simplest thing to say about the weekend is that we had a really great time. It was so good to see Anna and meet her family and friends. The crawfish boil was unlike anything I had ever experienced. So good. So much. Anna's husband ended up releasing a bag of crawfish into their pond, we had so many.

It was good. We laughed much. We ate much. We relaxed much. It was really the best way to spend our weekend.