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Cindy Maddera

Yesterday I was so busy I barely had time to sit down to lunch, let alone write up a blog entry. I thought "that's OK". I'll just write it when I get home. Then the internet was down which led to Chris having to call and argue with the cable company about what they were and were not supposed to turn off. So the list gets posted today.

    Finding extra time Not having to wear a coat Riding the V all week long, even out to the studio on Lake Hefner Filling my gas tank for $1.95 Making pizza dough with a new organic white flour Grown-up Mac-n-cheese Attending a coming home party My mom's herb/veggie garden The horse in my parent's pasture Amanda and I sneaking into a neighbors pasture for a 365 day picture Playing hide-and-seek/tag with the kids at Mom's Lucas and his new vocabulary People watching at Iron Man 2 Noticing people have been buying the Froast from Forward Foods Finally getting the chance to really look through my latest Vegetarian Times

    Have a great day!