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Cindy Maddera

I've done it again folks. I let a week slide with out writing things down on the list. So yesterday, during lab meeting, I wrote down a bunch of things hoping that I captured something from the week and not just the weekend.

    Kind of figuring out why my Westerns aren't working Being so busy that day zooms by Pineapple upside down cake with coconut gelato BTT's quesadillas. The put squash in there y'all! Stopping at Coffee Slingers before heading to the Farmer's Market Seeing Wayne and Michelle Coyne at Coffee Slingers. They are so cool. Finally getting over that sinus thing The bustling market Scott grilling up a HUGE slab of tofu for me The Vespa Barbie at Toys R Us New bras (sianara saggy boobs!) Feeding the dog peanut butter toast Chocolate hazelnut gelato Making up some of our meals for the week days in advance Cheese grits! Sleeping And this. This right here. Makes me so happy.