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Cindy Maddera

I thought when I got this calendar that I would keep every day that I tore off. I thought I would really study and maybe learn a few phrases of French. Yeah... that lasted about a month before I just tossed them as I tore them. But occasionally I come across a phrase that makes me laugh or just smile. These are the ones I save and tape up in random places around the lab.

For some reason, Sunday's phrase really struck a cord. I've been thinking about my Life List lately. It kind of seemed like writing the list gave me a license to procrastinate. I haven't really done anything. We started the garden, but until I harvest and eat something from it I can't justify crossing it off. I've tasted new wines and teas, but haven't kept track of any of them. I let myself get stuck. Is it because I don't believe in myself? I don't believe I have it in me to accomplish anything? Well, that's just silly.

I do believe in myself. I just needed a little reminder. And maybe some of you need that reminder too. Believe in yourself. You are beautiful and amazing.

Happy Love Thursday.