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Cindy Maddera

Things in the garden are progressing, slowly but surely. I think birds are eating my lettuce and cantaloupes. Need to hang some sort of whirly gig to keep them away. Today I bought a bag of egg shells (it was like a buck fifty for a full sandwich sized baggy already crunched up) and sprinkled it around all the plants. Misti got me a replacement tomato from the Frontier and it seems to have made itself at home.

Now we are just waiting. I think it's a miracle that anything has grown as much as it has. We've had the oddest weather and the wind has not been kind. But...despite it all, things are actually growing. It won't be long before we'll have beautiful spinach and tomato salads and homemade pickles. I better get on that task of learning how to make mozzarella.